Non-dairy, calcium rich foods

Throughout our life, our bodies’ bones will continue to lose and create new cells in order to maintain good bone health. It is our responsibility to ensure this happens successfully, by suppling our body with the nutrients it needs to do so.

Calcium is an essential nutrient to our bones. If we do not intake the recommended 700mg a day, we put ourselves at risk of reduced bone mass, and potentially suffering with osteoporosis in later life. When people think of calcium intake, they tend to turn towards dairy products however, there are many other ways in which we can consume the calcium that our body needs, from plant based sources.
Here is an idea of how easy it might be to get your recommended daily intake of calcium:
Soya milk
Plant based milks such as almond and soya, provide around 300mg of calcium per 8oz.
Kale contains 180mg of calcium per 8oz. Kale is easy to blend into smoothies, and as well as providing calcium, it provides us with a lot of other autoxidising nutrients too.
Almonds, being one of the healthiest types of nuts there is, contain 75mg of calcium per oz (this equates to about 23 almonds).
As well as being rich in vitamin C, oranges are provides us with 75mg of calcium per one orange. They are also great for boosting your immune system!
White beans 
Legumes are also a great source of calcium. 1 cup of white beans contains around 190 mg of calcium.
Organic Almond Milk- photo from

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