Whole wheat vs. white flour

You may have noticed, that when baking ANYTHING, I use whole wheat flour. Apart from the fact that it tastes more pure and unprocessed, it contains greater nutritional value…

One of the biggest differences between whole wheat and white flour is its fibre content. Whole wheat grains contain almost 5 times as much fibre as white flour. Fibre is very important for ones diet as it helps with digestion, and helps lower bad levels of cholesterol.

Whole wheat provides us with more vitamins. It contains vitamins B1, B3 and B5. Due to the fact that white flour has been processed, the nutritional value has been destroyed. Manufactures may also go to as far as replacing lost nutrients with artificial ones- ones that are no good for the body!

Whole wheat is also a slow releasing carbohydrate. Slow releasing carbs are best for our bodies as they provide with energy that last a lot longer than fast releasing carbs that come from white flour.

From nationalfestivalofbreads.com





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